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Words or pictures? Quality or value for money? Style or substance? Big ideas or attention to detail? Great work or great people to work with?

We believe these are choices no-one should have to make when choosing a design consultancy.

We believe in Both.

Where We Came From

Both. is a London-based multi-disciplinary design studio. It was founded in 2012 by Creative Director Rachel Botha, after 15 years in top-tier London agencies. We are a small but talented team, working with a wide network of skilled specialist associates who we know and trust. Both. has helped organisations of all shapes and sizes — from startups to big business, and charities to estate agents — communicate effectively with the people who matter.


Our expertise is centred around brand identity, and corporate communications, articulated across all the applications and media which bring these to life. We believe in first understanding you, your business and your audiences, so that the results we produce communicate the right things to the right people in the right way. We combine this knowledge with genuine creative flair to ensure that what your audiences see is not only appropriate, but also engaging and memorable.


We don’t believe in formulaic solutions or a house style, preferring to take a unique approach to each individual challenge. And we believe in building strong relationships with our clients to make the process of getting there as rewarding and fun as possible. Above all, we are passionate about good ideas and their ability to make a difference.

What We Do

  • Brand strategy
  • Consultancy
  • Brand workshops
  • Naming
  • Brand and Identity development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Advertising
  • Design for print
  • Design for web
  • Web development
  • Social media integration
  • Literature systems
  • Writing
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Rachel Botha

    Creative Director

    Rachel has over 18 years top agency experience working on branding and communications projects across print and digital media.

    Her formative years were spent at branding agency Smith & Milton. She then moved to SAS, where as Design Director she was an integral part of the creative team, winning many accolades for companies such as Sainsbury’s, BDO Stoy Hayward and Marsh & Parsons. Rachel founded BothAssociates in 2012.

    Ben Lambert

    Account & Production Director

    Meticulous and objective by nature, Ben has over 10 years experience successfully managing complex and high-value, communication and design projects from both agency and client-side for businesses large and small, including Nielsen, M&G and Ipsos.

    Ben has brought big-business rigour and an innate ability to wrestle order from chaos to the running of projects for Both, transforming the process for us and our clients alike.

    Lindsay Cast

    Digital Design Director

    Lindsay has over 16 years experience in creating visually strong and technically elegant websites, both here in London and in his native New Zealand.

    He believes that web design is often unnecessarily over-complicated and that sites should be ‘as simple a possible, but no simpler’. (Was that Einstein? No-one’s really sure.) No-nonsense and pragmatic, with the driest sense of humour in the studio, Lindsay is deceptively passionate about the power of the web to help organisations communicate compellingly with the wider world.

    Tash Sweasey

    Finance & Studio Manager

    Hard to believe, but Tash started life in a derivatives trading department of a major bank where she worked for longer than she cares to think about. A woman of many facets, her degree is in European studies with Italian and she’s also a proper foodie, serious gamer and all-round tomboy.

    From making sure everyone gets paid (including us and HMRC) to keeping the studio humming along nicely, it's probably easier to list the things for which Tash is NOT responsible. We couldn't do any of it without her.

    Myron Darlington


    An avid cyclist, a loudmouth goalkeeper & keen baker Myron has spent the past few years on the coast of Cornwall developing his interests in all things design, from writing blackletter, creating typefaces to honing his photography skills.

    He likes things to be clean, simple and effective – designs that communicate efficiently whilst being contemporary in their aesthetic. He's a visual thinker, who keeps a folder of colours and typefaces that interest him… So, a bit of a nerd, then. Just the kind of person we like.

    Find Us

    Both Associates
    Studio House
    142 Merton Hall Road
    SW19 3PZ

    Talk To Us

    +44 (0)20 8543 3850

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