We don’t have a house style. Each of our clients is unique and so is the work we do for them. But we do have an approach that underpins all the work we do. We call it purposeful disruption.

Purposeful means focussing on why you do what you do. Organisations are usually very good at talking about what they do. Some talk about how they do it, and call it a USP.

But why you do what you do is far more important. What is the purpose of your existence? What do you believe in? What gets you out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?

Getting the what and the how right is important. But it's the why that inspires - people want to work with and for organisations who believe in the same thing they do. So we make sure that everything we do starts with understanding your purpose and expressing your why.

Disruption is about getting attention. In a world where everyone is talking and no-one is really listening, the answer is not to shout louder, but to speak in a way that's unexpected.

This can be subtle or dramatic. It can mean using pictures when everyone is expecting words, making something small that's usually large, choosing a different format or medium, or employing a fresh, relaxed tone of voice when formality is the norm.

What makes this stronger still is to choose a means of disruption that highlights and reinforces your why.

Purposeful disruption makes sure that your work gets noticed in a way that deepens understanding, and inspires loyalty from the people who matter.

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