Celebrating London (Reasons to be cheerful.)

Bective Leslie Marsh - Advertising

How do you create an upbeat and positive campaign for a London Estate Agent in one of the toughest markets of recent years? We focussed on the fact that London remains a vibrant, creative, diverse and exciting place to live, and an attractive proposition for vendors, buyers, landlords and tennants, despite a challenging economic climate.

We focussed on unique examples of London’s creativity and energy, creating bold, eye-catching and distinctive illustrations and encouraging people to share the things THEY love about London. The intention was to build positivity and confidence in the market and in Bective Leslie Marsh as the agent of choice to navigate it.

What We Did

  • – Illustration
  • – Copywriting
Bective framed illustration


London is the most vibrant, diverse, creative and dynamic city on earth and always a good move with the help of the right agent.

Share what you love about London.


Bective framed illustration
Bective framed illustration
Bective spread
Bective illustrations

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