A journey begins

Punter Southhall Financial Management

These IFAs aren’t just number-crunchers. Getting to know people’s finances means getting to know people. They know the best advice is long-term advice, understanding an individual’s hopes and goals as they navigate life’s ups and downs.

The positioning? ‘In relationship, we’re stronger’.

Illustrated as a fantastical journey, with some of life’s – and finance’s – most extreme circumstances, the protagonist is accompanied by their advisor, who takes the strain in a variety of ways. The twist is that the illustration – and the adventure – isn’t finite, it’s circular.  The image on the back of the brochure seamlessly joining the front for the journey to begin again, scrolling continuously online. Cyclical, just like life itself.

What We Did

  • – Brand strategy
  • – Print collateral
  • - Website design
Punter Southall journey illustration 1
Punter Southall journey illustration 2
Punter Southall journey illustration 3
Punter Southall brochure
Punter Southall spread
Punter Southall spread
Ipad homepage
Punter Southall iPad


Illustration: Adam Simpson

Photography: Tim Cole

Copywriting: Toby Ingram

User Experience: Ana Savic

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