Good, old fashioned
forward thinking.

A new-old / old-new brand for Sargeants

Sargeants are an independent estate agency, who approached us a year after opening, with a logo and a basic identity, but little in the way of a brand idea or positioning, no workable collateral and an underwhelming web presence.

Their team combines decades of experience with youthful enthusiasm and this is evident in their approach – old fashioned values and service, combined with all that modern marketing approaches and technological innovation offers.

We rebuilt their brand around this idea and executed it with a sophisticated aesthetic and unconventional approach to both production and communication, ensuring that they stand out for all the right reasons.

What We Did

  • – Brand strategy
  • – Brand identity
  • – Printed collateral
  • – Advertising
  • – Website design
  • – Interiors
Brand positioning
Office sign

The proposition

Innovation isn’t a new idea‭. ‬But sometimes in the excitement of the new‭, ‬things worth preserving get lost‭. ‬At sargeants‭, ‬we believe in keeping‭ ‬the best of what’s gone before‭, ‬and making things better wherever we can‭. ‬So‭, ‬like many of the properties we market‭, ‬we’ve got some lovely original features combined with all the mod-cons you need‭.‬

That’s just good‭, ‬old-fashioned forward thinking‭.‬

Sargeants stationery
Coffee cup
Sargeants office
10 things concertina


Website development: Amersham Websites

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