BothAssociates is a brand, digital and design consultancy. We’re small and experienced by design, creative and collaborative by nature.

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Who we are

We are a brand, digital and design consultancy, based in London. Founded in 2012 we have an experienced core team working with a broad network of specialist collaborators who we know and trust. So you get the knowledge and breadth of a large agency, with the flexibility and economy of a small agency. Because we believe in Both.

What our clients say:

What We're Like

  • Creative There’s no shortage of ideas around here. And they’re not confined to the stuff we’re paid to do.
  • Friendly with each other and everyone we work with, we’re never formal, chilly, unkind or stand-offish.
  • Obsessive We really care about the work we do, even the bits no-one else will notice. Sometimes too much for our own good.
  • Experienced We’ve worked for years in big agencies, and so can offer the same level of service without the noise and overheads.
  • Enthusiastic Decades in and we still love our work and get excited about what we do and the people for whom we do it.
  • Pragmatic We’re not divas. We know that our work can only be considered a success if it’s delivered on time, and on budget.

Our Team

We’re a close-knit team, so you’ll probably meet all of us at some point. And who you see at the pitch stage, is who you’ll work with throughout the project – another benefit of working with a smaller agency. When we bring in additional specialist collaborators, we’ll make sure you get to know them too. We don’t usually bring Barkley to meetings, unless you ask us to…

Rachel Botha

Rachel Botha Creative Director

Rachel has over 21 years top agency experience working on branding and communications projects across print and digital media.

Her formative years were spent at branding agency Smith & Milton. She then moved to SAS, where as Design Director she was an integral part of the creative team, winning many accolades for companies such as Sainsbury’s, BDO Stoy Hayward and Marsh & Parsons. Rachel founded BothAssociates in 2012.

Ben Lambert

Ben Lambert Account & Production Director

Meticulous and objective by nature, Ben has over a decade of experience successfully managing complex and high-value, communication and design projects from both agency and client-side.

Ben has brought big-business rigour and an innate ability to wrestle order from chaos to the running of projects for Both, transforming the process for us and our clients alike.

Lindsay Cast

Lindsay Cast Associate Digital Design Director

Lindsay has over 18 years experience in planning and designing online solutions, both here in London and in his native New Zealand.

Lindsay specialises in content managed solutions, ranging from large scale corporate sites through to high impact campaign sites. He believes that ‘simple’ often means ‘better’ in digital design, and smart thinking beats bleeding edge technology every time.

Mike Collins

Mike Collins Associate Developer

Mike is the owner of SubzeroStudio – our website development partner since 2013. He is a full-stack developer, who can turn his hand to both pixel-perfect front end development and complex back end algorithms with ease.

He started his 20 year career as a software developer in the world of mobile game development, but he’s spent the last 15 years focusing on building user friendly, well-coded web experiences.


Barkley Director of Greetings

A tennis ball obsessed, excitable Sprockerpoo, Barkley can often be found sleeping on the sofa – tennis ball in mouth – waiting patiently to welcome a visitor to the studio, or a trip to the park.

A lover of a cuddle, Barkley is a source of great entertainment in the studio, although his size doesn’t make him much of a lapdog.

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